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Over 30 years long experience in Reverse Osmosis desalination system
Since established in 1984, Krosys has occupied an exclusive position in the niche market on mobile water treatment system with its competitive Reverse Osmosis technology. The products designed and manufactured with our own technology have been provided to various local and global companies and governments. Among them are Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Korea Coast Guard, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Hanjin Heavy Industry & Construction, Technip, Toray, Samsung Engineering and Daewoo Engineering and Construction.
Take a leap toward Marine equipments and Offshore engineering service company
With the recognition for the outstanding capabilities of sales, design and manufacturing, Krosys has built a close cooperation with global companies and under such partnership, we have successfully produced diverse marine equipments such as water jet propulsion system of Marine Jet Power(MJP) and Anti Rolling Tank(ART). Also, Krosys has delivered the offshore engineering service to prominent companies around the world including GE Oil & Gas, Hyundai Heavy Industry and Samsung Heavy industry.
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