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Participated in KORMARINE 2021


Krosys Inc. participated in 'KORMARINE 2021' held at BEXCO, Busan, KOREA for  4 days from October 19 (Tue) to 22 (Fri), 2021 to promote reverse osmosis fresh water generator, Anti-rolling tank and fin stabilizer and MJP's Water Jet.

At the KROSYS booth, The reverse osmosis fresh water generator has been known to have been manufactured and supplied to many customers with a history of about 38 years, and its new business, Anti-Rolling Tank, also drew attention from many shipyards and shipping officials.
In addition, as the only Fin stabilizer manufacturer in Korea, it is expected to receive attention from many customers in the future by informing about its excellent technology and thorough follow-up management.

At the joint booth of KROSYS and MJP, MJP (Marine Jet Power) X310 (engine output: 750Kw) Waterjet and POD Type Waterjet model mounted on wheeled armored vehicles were introduced.
In this exhibition, a joystick-type VCS (Vector Control System) that is easy to control when docking a ship was demonstrated, and the convenience of using VCS (bulletproof ship mounted) was promoted to Navy, Coast guard and Shipyard officials