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2020 KOREA OCEAN EXPO ( MJP WaterJet )


KROSYS Inc. had participated in the 2020 KOREA OCEAN EXPO held at Convensia in Songdo, Incheon for 3 days from November 11 (Wed) to 13 (Fri), 2020, and had Introduced the new X310 model (engine output: 750Kw) Waterjet of MJP (Marine Jet Power).

The X310 Waterjet is made of duplex stainless steel, which has about 1.5 times better corrosion resistance and strength than SUS316, and can be operated in shallow water by being installed in a small landing vessel. It has a track record of the Royal Navy and can be particularly advantageous in the shallow West Sea of KOREA.

In particular, at this exhibition, a joystick-type VCS (Vector Control System) that is easy to control when docking a ship was demonstrated, and the convenience of using VCS (bulletproof ship mounted) was promoted to officials and crew of the Maritime Police Agency.